Your Local Cedar City Real Estate Experts

Are you looking for a Real Estate agent? We know that finding the right real estate agent is very important. You want a Realtor who will look out for you, keep you informed of how things are going and market your property to as many qualified buyers as possible. We will do everything we can to be that real estate team. We want you to feel comfortable referring your friends and family to us and know that they will receive the same great customer service. We are committed to doing everything possible to make that happen.

The Sam Dodd Real Estate Sales Team

We currently have 5 members on our team to better serve you. Sam Dodd who is the team leader, Sam is the manager of the team and Sam's primary duties include prospecting each and every day to find buyers and sellers in the area. Sam also calls all of his sellers on a regular basis and works on ensuring all homes are marketed appropriately.  Sam has been in the business for 10 years and works daily with both the buyers and sellers but also with his staff to ensure all tasks are completed and our files are running smoothly.  If we have a problem Sam is available to jump in and make sure the problem is solved fairly but also in a timely manner.  If you every have any questions or concerns please call Sam he will help you.  

Cheryl Cleghorn is our office manager. Cheryl's responsibilities include coordinating with the buyers and sellers we are working with as well as lenders, title companies, and home inspectors. Cheryl makes sure all paperwork is correct and that everything is submitted to the appropriate parties in a timely manner. Cheryl also helps with the marketing, website updates, and handles many of the office tasks when others are out showing or listing homes.

Wendy Hodge is our seller specialist.  She handles all listing scheduling, follow up, and helps with the marketing efforts for the team.   Wendy handles office tasks and makes sure that Sam, Jason and Jim stay on schedule and efficient.  Wendy has a happy personality and keeps a smile on everyone's face.  

Jason Spencer is a buyers agent and has been licensed since 1999.   Jason brings a wealth of experience and negotiation skills.   Jason has helped 100's of home owners find and purchase their dream home.   

Jim Rushton is also a buyer specialist.   Jim started selling real estate in 2003 in Mesquite Nevada.   Jim has a passion for helping buyers find and purchase homes.  Jim has also been in the Banking and Finance industry and has a wealth of knowledge about helping buyers with financing their homes.   He also can help with investment properties and rentals.   

Meet the Team