6 Things We Can't Wait To Do Again in Cedar City

If you're looking for a great place to travel to in the American west, then Cedar City has just what you're looking for. This hub of outdoor recreation is a great destination for hikers, skiers, mountain biking enthusiasts, lovers of outdoor hikes, hunters, people who enjoy camping, and anyone who's a fan of off-road ATV trips.

Here are six of the best things to do in Cedar City and the surrounding area:

1. Go Camping In The Area's Vast Wilderness

The area around the city is scenic and includes vast areas of wilderness. Due to rapid changes in elevation, there are places where you can camp in either the forest or a desert. The differences between these environments will completely change your camping experience.

However, you're likely to see plenty of beautiful mountain scenery whether you camp in the region's forests or the desert. One great place to go camping in the region is Dixie National Forest.

2. Take A Winter Ski Trip

If you're looking for a great skiing destination, you've certainly come to the right place. The snow that falls on the region tends to be extremely dry, powdery, and deep.

Many skiers and snowboarders say that Utah is the best skiing and snowboarding destination in the whole country! Not only can you expect deep powder for much of the winter, but the weather in the area tends to be fairly sunny, dry, and warm. So, you have a good chance of being able to experience a sunny, perfect day on the slopes!

3. Visit Some Of The Town's Attractions

Some of the best things to do in the area are located right in town! In fact, you can find the Southern Utah Museum of Art here, which features numerous beautiful works of art in many different styles.

If you're a theater enthusiast, you might enjoy the Utah Shakespeare Festival, which is held annually. Wine lovers are likely to have a good time visiting the IG Winery, which is located right in town. There also are numerous historical sites in the region.

4. Take A Hunting Trip

The vast wilderness around the town is home to lots of wildlife, which makes this region a great destination for hunting enthusiasts. If you have the proper permit, you're allowed to hunt in the region's national forests. There are vast areas of national and state forests that are teeming with deer, birds, rabbits, antelope, turkeys, and more!

5. Ride An ATV Or Snowmobile

The town and the region around it tends to receive a lot of snowfall in the winter. On average, around 47 inches of snowfall on the town itself every year. However, some out of town locations receive far more snow than this in a typical year. There also are lots of trails where you can ride an ATV or snowmobile, and if the snowpack is deep enough, there are plenty of opportunities for off-trail riding as well.

This region of Utah features a long and warm summer, which means that there will be plenty of opportunities to ride an ATV in the region as well. Many of the trails that are used by snowmobile enthusiasts are also an excellent place to ride your ATV during the summer.

6. Go Hiking Or Mountain Biking

There are hiking and mountain biking trails for every level of difficulty. The relatively long summers in the region will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy these activities. Furthermore, the summer weather in the area tends to be quite comfortable. Despite being located in a desert, the summer temperatures tend to be relatively moderate. Also, the fact that the air tends to be dry helps to make it more comfortable for hikes, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities.

Of course, there are many, more activities - indoor and outdoor, for residents of Cedar City and the many communities in Southern Utah. If you need any suggestions, or would like to know more about the Cedar City real estate market, please contact me. I'll be happy to help!

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