The Best Date Night Locations & Ideas in Cedar City, UT

Best Date Night Locations in Cedar City | Romantic Date NightWhether a couple has been together for a few days or a few decades, a date night is a wonderful way to keep the romance alive. Fortunately for residents and visitors to Cedar City, there are numerous locations they can go to for a romantic night out. Some will bring fast-paced fun, and others will encourage couples to slow down and enjoy the moment. Here are a few of the best date night locations in Cedar City.

Fiddlers Fun Center

Fiddlers Fun Center brings fun and excitement to any date night. With options for laser tag, virtual reality, and arcade games, it's easy for couples to enjoy a little romantic competition. The unlimited package keeps the fun going until both parties are ready to call it quits. Couples that want to enjoy multiple attractions during their date can also opt to buy admission for each activity at Fiddlers Fun Center. In addition to the attractions, the center also has a movie theater. A date night filled with fun and laughter is sure to be something couples add to the date calendar again.

Iron Axe

Iron Axe is an indoor axe throwing center. For couples who are looking for a new adventure, indoor axe throwing is an exhilarating experience. Couples new to this activity will be greeted by an "axepert" who provides a tutorial and safety demonstration. There are numerous games to play, so couples aren't just throwing an axe at a target. Couples who are also SUU students can take advantage of the Friday T-Bird special. Guests, including observers, must sign waivers. An expert is always nearby to ensure all guests safely throw their axes—and anything else Iron Axe provides, including knives, ninja stars, and even batarangs!

Southern Utah Museum of Art

Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) is a perfect way for couples to enjoy a romantic date night at a slower pace. The museum has a permanent collection of over 2,000 art pieces along with rotating exhibits. The quiet, calm environment is perfect for reconnecting and engaging in meaningful conversation. The addition of beautiful and breathtaking artwork is a wonderful bonus. Just to the east of the museum, couples can stroll through the Stillman Sculpture Court. The Beverly Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts, where the museum is located, is also home to indoor and outdoor theatres, with plays performed by the Utah Shakespeare Festival every June through October. Prices for play tickets vary depending on the theatre and seat.

In addition to these date night locations in Cedar City, couples can easily add to the day by booking a reservation at any top-rated restaurants in the area. A nice meal before or after a date can make a few hours turn into an all-day or -night affair. Cedar City couples can enjoy being in a city that makes it easy to enjoy a romantic night out.

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