An Easy Day Hike to Spring Creek

There are many great hikes in Southern Utah. One is the Spring Creek hike.

Spring Creek is a day hike — roughly 6-miles total that takes about two hours. Navigation iseasy. Spring Creek in not quite a slot canyon but alternates between several narrow sections andmore open overgrown areas.

Erosion has taken its toll on the first part of the canyon and the runoff has carved some nice chasms along the trail.

Nevertheless, the first mile or so of the canyon is a great hike to walk with children and gives families a chance to get away from civilization and their home in Cedar City and find some solitude while playing in the water, at least in spring.

There’s plenty of shade at the beginning of the hike but about 1.5 miles out from the mouth of the canyon, it narrows into a slot canyon. This is where the hiking gets more rugged and how far you can go will depend on the weather and your climbing skills.

While the scenery gets a little boring, just as you think the canyon has lost its beauty you’ll see Sweetwater Gulch towering on the left; a beautifully tall and narrow section of the canyon. You can turn back at this point or go forward. There are many boulders, logjams and landslides however, to overcome to get to the rim of the canyon. Technical climbing will be necessary if you want to reach the upper levels of the canyon as it heads towards the edges of Zion NationalPark.

Located just north of the Kolob section of Zion National Park. It is accessible via a dirt road that heads southeast from the southern end of Kanarraville that takes you to the edge of the Hurricane Cliffs and right into the mouth of Spring Creek.

Unlike the Kanarraville Falls hike, Spring Creek doesn’t attract near as many visitors making the hike a favorite among local residents who often enjoy their privacy from crowds of tourists. The hike is open from April to November however, hikers should check with the BLM office before heading out to make sure weather conditions are safe.

Directions to the trailhead: Head south on Interstate-15 from Cedar City, take exit 51. This paved road angles into the small town of Kanarraville. After 4.5 miles and after passing the last house on the left, turn left onto a dirt road. Just less than a mile later, follow the left fork that climbs a few dozen feet and ends at a small parking area at the mouth of Spring Canyon.

Hikers in cars may want to hike an extra distance to the trailhead to avoid ruts in the road.  Description: Sandy and rocky and now well maintained.

Time required: One hour for a brief adventure and up to a day for more serious explorers. Cautions: Slot canyons are not the place to be if the threat of a thunderstorm exists. Spring Creek may be dry in June some years but flash floods are still possible and if it occurs is very dangerous.

Highlights: Solitude, Southern Utah landscape, pleasant creek in the spring and narrow, red rock canyon only three or so feet wide in some places.
Spring Creek is considered one of the best hikes with children because of easy access and the exploring opportunities.

Facilities: None, take your own water and pack out any waste or garbage.

For more information: Call the Cedar City BLM office at 435-685-2401

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