How to Plan a Successful Moving Timeline

Upcoming Relocation? This Timeline Can Help With the Moving ProcessMoving is such a big project that many people take months to get ready for the event. Those moving sometime in the next year should get started early. Knowing what to do and when, and taking an organized approach to their move, can help make the process easier overall for most people.

One Year to Six Months Before a Move

    Homeowners tend to build up a lot of things in their garage, attic, and basement. These items can make moving more expensive and more difficult. Many homes have things in them that the homeowner doesn't need. Therefore, decluttering before someone's upcoming relocation can help make their move easier and more affordable.

    Decluttering is an involved process that usually involves people throwing away or recycling what is no longer useful, and donating or selling what still has value. They can:

    • Hold a garage sale to make the decluttering process profitable
    • Donate whatever doesn't sell in the garage sale

    At this time, it's also helpful to start gathering moving supplies like cardboard boxes, permanent markers, and packing tape. 


    • Declutter
    • Gather moving supplies

    Four Months Before a Move

      Four months before the move begins, it's time for homeowners to start packing seasonal items and items that aren't needed very often. Out-of-season clothes, holiday decorations, and sentimental items are examples of the types of things that should be packed up four months before the relocation takes place.


      • Pack seasonal items
      • Pack items that aren't often needed

      Two Months Before a Move

        Two months before it's time to move, homeowners should start packing everything (not just seasonal items). When packing, it's important to label boxes on all sides. Some homeowners make the labeling process easier by using colored stickers to indicate where in the house the box is supposed to go.

        For example, blue stickers might indicate that a box is intended for the kitchen, while white stickers might indicate that a box is intended for the living room. Placing stickers on a box is faster than writing "kitchen" or "living room" over and over again, so people can use stickers as needed to keep boxes organized.

        Two months before a move is also the right time for people to find a moving company. Moving companies tend to book up at the busiest times of year, so people who are planning to move sometime in the late spring through the end of the summer should find a moving company as early as possible.

        Contact a homeowners insurance agent to set up homeowners insurance for your new home. 


        • Pack everything
        • Find a moving company
        • Talk to a homeowners insurance agent

        Two Weeks Before a Move

          When there are two weeks left before the move is going to take place, people should contact their utility companies to cancel services at their old home and turn on services at their new house. This is also a good time for people to re-confirm with their movers who may have been booked months ago.

          Finally, it's also a good time to pack a go-bag. This bag should include things like medicines, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, and other important items to be used on the first few nights in the house. The go-bag must be kept separate from the items in boxes, to ensure people can find these items when they're needed.


          • Transfer utilities
          • Confirm with movers
          • Pack a go bag

          Moving Soon? Stay Organized, Get Started Early

          The key to having a successful relocation is for people to stay organized. The more someone plans and prepares for their upcoming relocation, the better off they'll be.

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